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-Music And Corporate Video Production In London
Kings Cross Media is a video production company located in the heart of the trendy London city, very popular location for film crews from all over the world.

– Music Video Production

Professional and very cost-effective music video production for underground and independent artists looking for innovative ways to express themselves. Engage your audience and build up your fan base with a HD Youtube music videos that perfectly represents your messages and emotions. Our senior film directors and videographers use top quality studios and post-production facilities to create astonishing music video experience to MTV standards.
Your track will stand out – We guarantee it.

– Corporate Video Production

music video production in london
Our corporate video production packages include video marketing and PR services to maximize the potential viewer numbers and increase your odds of winning market shares. These services alone would normally cost over £2000 but we feel that there are far too important to your success to make you pay extra for them. Therefore the PR and media exposure services are included for free.
Your success is our success as well.

Once your corporate video production is complete and ready for audiences, we will use our partnership with majors news portal such as Yahoo News!, Google News, Metro London ( and many more ) to run a 1-month Public Relations campaign about you, your band and your new video. During this month, we will submit a press release once a week about you, your single and your new promotional video. This PR campaign is an amazing opportunity for real exposure as it distributed to more than 250,000 subscribers and 30,000 journalists and bloggers.